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The nature of the Computer Industry today makes it extremely difficult and certainly not cost-effective for any company, even a large international corporation to have all the required skills available within the organisation.

Astarte Design offers a range of consultancy services which are intended to meet these specialist needs. We also recognise that it is impracticable or prohibitively expensive to retain all of the skills we are ever likely to need.
We maintain a number of consultants ourselves with proven ability in many areas who meet our specialist needs. If any area of our work requires these specialist services then we can either recommend them to our customers directly or obtain their services on a customer’s behalf.

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Many businesses have grown from one or two computers to many hundreds. This growth can often lead to an uncontrolled explosion of computers, cables, hubs and routers.
Astarte Design analyses growing networking requirements and implements a network plan. This plan is backed up by regular maintenance and monitoring of network use.
Astarte Design has considerable experience in managing existing networks and office computers. We can offer a range of support services tailored to suit most business needs, ranging from telephone support to weekly maintenance on-site. See Rates and Charges for details.
Increasing use of computers and networking technology presents Australian businesses with unprecedented opportunity to greatly increase the operating efficiency of their office environment and ultimately improve their service to customers.
These benefits are not without risk. As companies grow, there is a tendency to assume that what is good for a single user will extend effortlessly and seamlessly to a whole group of users.
Unless expansion is planned carefully, the resulting ad-hoc growth can lead to a system which is unwieldy and unmaintainable.
We assume from time to time that computers are infallible machines working to our needs. This is clearly not so - the only certainty of expanding computer systems is that these systems will fail.

The challenge facing us all is to ensure that when failure does occur the loss of the system resource does not completely outweigh the benefits derived in the first place. There are many ways in which this over-reliance on a vulnerable component can be reduced, ranging from simple backup and disaster recovery plans to networks of fault tolerant components.
There is no single definitive solution, but only careful consideration of business requirements and contingency planning can meet the needs of a growing business.

Astarte Design works with a number of businesses from small franchises to larger Australian and International companies to assess I.T. requirements and consider appropriate, cost effective solutions. The resulting information presents a company with a viable I.T. Strategy enabling structured growth of computer based resources.


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