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With Internet and the rapid communication of information and ideas it seems that there is a software application available to suit almost any purpose.

It might appear that the software world consists of only a small number of predatory software makers, but the situation is not quite as polarised as it seems. There are large numbers of small software companies who, recognising a niche fill it quickly with a much needed application. Internet jargon makers have coined the phrase “Killer App.” to describe such software.
The advantages of this situation are mainly price and reliability, the intention being that by selling large volumes of a particular software tool, the development cost is reduced and reliability increased through extensive testing.

This situation is not all good and there are situations where the supposed benefits can have highly detrimental impact:
Large numbers of customers make for inflexible “one size fits all” software.
A large and lucrative customer base can actually tempt developers to hasty release and unreliable applications. In effect, making a customer test the software on the developer’s behalf.
Fixing specific problems can take months or years as the problems are referred back and forth between US or European developers.

If after careful consideration of your needs and the availability of proven software you conclude that there is no suitable product available then Astarte Design can develop software to specific needs.

We have an established record of developing custom applications, primarily for the Windows Workstation and Server. Other platforms include Sharepoint and MOSS. Recent development projects have involved languages including C/C++ and C# .Net.


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