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Many companies recognise the need for new technology to increase their productivity.

Astarte Design works with these companies to advise on available resources and to integrate different technologies.

The availablity of high speed internet such as cable or DSL gives businesses the ability to integrate their office E-mail systems and provide a cost effective solution to internet communication requirements.

Secure encryption techniques over these high speed networks enables offices separated by many or thousands of kilometres to share resources and information such as customer databases, file management systems and internal email.


With Astarte Design’s “all-for-one” service you need only send us your company’s preferred email address or web site name (such asThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or together with your users’ preferred email names and we can organise the rest. This is of course subject to availability of the requested name and your satisfying the naming criteria of the requested domain.

We can integrate this email and web connectivity within your existing office infrastructure, enabling your users to share a single internet connection and send or receive emails directed to them personally.

The following examples include the types of integrated service we can offer:

  • If you need another E-mail account, a single phone call can complete the installation and configuration within minutes.
  • If the office printer needs upgrading, we can recommend, supply and install all necessary equipment.
  • If component fails we can organise replacement parts from the manufacturer and quickly install and configure existing services.
  • If a vital file server fails and cannot be recovered, we can have a replacement delivered and configured from backups within 24 hours.

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