What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Provides features the same as a normal telephone but instead of going over telephone lines uses the internet to distribute calls. Creating better quality, cheaper prices to normal telephone systems. For more info, see this link


Why choose VoIP for your business?

VoIP Technology has started to dominate the telecommunications industry mainly due to major cost saving and flexibility.
Key features Include:

  • VoIP offers very cheap national and international calls with no need for line rental fees.
  • Calls within a network (even if your business network is spread across the globe) are totally free.
  • Multiple phone numbers can be used, simultaneously, through only one phone line.
  • Existing VoIP handsets offer many more features and run via your existing network.
  • Alternatively There is no need for a hardware handset, users can use computer applications such as Skype.
  • The ability to monitor who is calling who in and even divert calls all by a single click on your computer.
  • With current network systems, VoIP can easily be implemented with current network infrastructure.


VoIP also offers many extra features with ease that your existing phone network will not have such as:
  • Personal and Group voice mail facility
  • conference calls
  • Speed dialing
  • Call forwarding
  • call waiting
  • Caller ID features - free of charge, which is normally extra for normal PSTN telephone systems.
  • Caller ID block
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • 'Do not Disturb' feature
  • Optional 'on hold' music


Why Choose Astarte

Sydney based, Astarte only use highly regarded Hardware and software. Ranging from Linksys and Cisco VoIP phones, depending on functionality and aesthetics. Window's and Linux Server's for reliable 99.9% up time. And GUI(Graphical User Interface) Programs to make monitoring/call transfers and call parking easier. At Astarte we want to make every client happy!
Astarte will do all Installation's for your VoIP needs.



Astarte can offer a free quote to all businesses interested in implementing VoIP.
Please contact Astarte for more details.


VoIP Savings

You can make savings of up to 80% on your current phone bills*, and improve efficiency with the extra features that VoIP can provide for your business.

*Savings depend on phone use and on number of users..
*This is a real case where one of our clients was able to save up to an incredible 80% on phone bills from telstra. They had 8 physical incoming phone lines connected to a PABX phone system. Now they only need one phone line, mounted with a naked DSL internet connection (no phone line rental fees) and they can have as many incoming phone line numbers as they need.


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